Welltec A/S trusts the Inspector

At Welltec A/S factory in Denmark, Insolution`s Inspector Monitoring System delivers constant information from the machine units. As a result, the production capacity was significantly improved.

Welltec A/S is a global company developing and providing well technologies and solutions for the oil and gas industry. Their technology represents a break-through in deploying and operating oil and gas well intervention tools without the use of coiled tubing or similar heavy-duty equipment. Welltec also provides 24-7 emergency services – when it comes to pumping oil, waiting for tomorrow is not an alternative. The company bases it`s success on the ability to innovate safer and more sustainable solutions while achieving higher recovery. Their promise is to get 30 percent more from every well.

The Inspector Monitoring System installation was done in 2014 as a part of a production optimization project. The efficiency comes from eliminating loss. The expectations were high, but at the end, the results were even better.

The Inspector installation is fast as the same components fit all the machine brands and no modifications in controlling systems are needed. The server configurations were done remotely. Only two technicians worked on-site and for less than a week.

The Inspector delivers information flow from every machine unit. The followed variables are very simple, for example whether the machines are on production, stopped or in error mode, and utilization rates are seen on the eight live screens around the factory. The system also calculates the productive hours in relation to working hours. As a result, the process yield is easily monitored for example in 52 week period.


Welltec A/S:

  • An international provider of robotic well solutions for the oil and gas industry
  • More than 45 offices and service facilities worldwide
  • Headquarters located in Allerød, Denmark
  • Approximately 1000 employees, annual revenue approximately 345 million USD
  • Read more: www.welltec.com

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